July 23, 2006 21:41 | Bits

Beach Borg

Beach Borg

"Everybody's Photos" on Flickr popped up this one. In it's "next" box was this one.
The juxtaposition seemed obvious (even if my execution is terrible... ;)

ooookay, back to work. :p


If these two weren't by the same person, I'd have thought that Flickr is getting some shuffle magic.

Je n'avais pas réalisé que c'est un montage et c'est magnifique.

Nice photoshopping there. I wasn't thinking Borg though, looks like a Carnaval mask.

Yeah, the original idea was to not have the right eye showing .. in fact I had hoped to make the whole right side the palm tree but it was late I was in a hurry and bam it turned into a carnival mask... :)