August 5, 2006 20:32 | Bits

Audio moblog halted

Since I got this Nokia N80 with WiFi, I've felt the very strong urge to use it to do multi-media mobile logging, and alot of it. Like, every moment of the day... ;)

Yes. Mmmoblogging. Deal.

Anyways, so I thought it would be easy enough to use the Recorder software on this thing to record myself pontificating on tawdry platitudes (or, more interesting perhaps, conversations with friends) and upload via email whenever I'm in WiFi range.

Problem 1: "Recorder" only records for 60 seconds, and saves in a format (AMR) I cannot seem to find any sort of Python-based transcoder (MP3/AAC) for. (Python because the mail2entry script on my server is in Python.)

Solution: Alon Software's "Dictaphone". $25 and I have to wait for S60v3 version. Already emailed inquiring. :p

Problem 2: Aforementioned moblogging script is specifically made for image moblogging, insuch that it creates thumbnails (involved process!) and eventually will include Aaron's filtrs.

Solution: A phonecall (yes, I actually called someone. amazing ne?) to Francis, the maintainer of the moblog (can you believe he refuses to give me shell access to his server?!), essentailly begging him to ASAP make a version of the script which will allow me to post audio files to another weblog setup. Any day now. ;)

So I get home and figure "well, if yer gonna do this, we should do it properly and cover as many bases as we can in one dev push." That means I need to spec it out, outline it, UE diagram it... UML... etc... ;)

Any day now. :p