August 5, 2006 12:34 | Culture / Montreal

To save Bethune

Bethune and the gull
EastSouthWestNorth: Extraordinary Chinese Sayings, 1840-1999 - Part 1:

When the Chinese Communist leaders found out that Dr. Bethune was ill, they ordered a full-scale effort to save him. Zhou Enlai issued a secret order to the party underground in Shanghai to obtain penicillin and other essential medicines not available in the interior. The party underground leader had no choice but to look up Shanghai's big triad boss Du Yuesheng (杜月笙) for help. Du stared at the shopping list and did not say anything for a while. The party underground leader got anxious and slowly articulated one word at a time: "If Mr. Du can help, we promise that we will always remember this." Du Yuesheng sighed and said: "This list of medicine will be difficult to procure. This is a lot harder than the little things that I have helped you on previously. But if a foreigner was willing to risk his life to come here to help us Chinese fight the little Japanese ghouls, what can we Chinese say? Please proceed to the Huangpo River tomorrow night to pick up the material. Let us say that all related expenses will be donated by me."

(photo by Ella)


Yes, but have you waited for a DNS to propagate lately?

Life is so cruel.

Do you know ffmpeg? I use it on Stars-of-the-Web to extract the first picture frame from a flv (flash video) file and I used it once to convert 3pg video files recorded with my phone to flv. Look at the docs, ffmpeg "knows" many format... I like it.

Um... I'm sorry but .. what does this have to do with Norman Bethune?

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No worries. thank you for ffmpeg suggestion. It may do the trick. :)