August 11, 2006 16:37 | Bits

Borisu in Korea

Gallery Borisu-Seoul
Karl found this gallery/café in Seoul.
In Japan I am sometimes called "Borisu". It's a written language thing.


Sue them for trademark infringement ;)

보리수 (bo ri su) is the name of a tree its the tree where buddha found his 'nirvana' (bohdi tree) 'bo tree' (indian), a sacred fig, a pipal, a linden treen, a lime in Chinese character: 菩提樹
[The name "Boris"] was registered for the first time in the case of the Bulgarian ruler Prince Boris I (852-889), who adopted Christianity in 864 and imposed it to his entire people. His name came to be known in Europe in relation to this particular act. Moreover, after his death in 907 he was proclaimed the first Bulgarian saint, and traces of his cult during this period can be found as far away as Ireland. However, Prince Boris was not a Slav. He came from a dynasty of a Proto-Bulgarian, that is, of Turk ethnic origin. And this is the particular reason why his name was of a Turkic origin, meaning, according to the different interpretations, "wolf", "short" or "bars".