August 13, 2006 15:03 | Culture / NewsPundit / Political

"George Galloway Savages SKY NEWS"

George Galloway on Sky
(SKY is apparently the british equivalent of Fox News, both Rupert Murdoch properties. Rupert also owns MySpace now. Beware, the brainwash machine expanded by a couple million more brains... very narrow brains mind you... ;)

Erasure of memory, loss of history, point of view with interests-backed agenda. Manipulation of medium and message, hence what most people today call reality, long ago ceased being an art and is now a fully mechanized business operation.

Matt Jones has a great little doodle in the banner of his weblog which depicts Umberto Eco saying "Lying about the future makes history*", which is certainly true. The reverse is true as well though: lying about history makes the future.

*Though the actual quote is "Lying about the future produces history."


He's an outstanding speaker and pundit even if I only agree with him 50% of the time. Did you see him tear apart the US Senate Committee on Iraq?