September 3, 2006 21:40 | Confession


i am rather shocked by how often i need to wipe my glasses clean...

it's like, before i had glasses, i used poke myself in the eyes ALL the time.

with my greasy fingers...



I don't get it.



I know, I know, I have the same problem, and frankly I try to watch myself when I'm in any type of professional situation as the constant fiddling with the glasses can give off the wrong impression.

Note to self, clean glasses prior to job interview ;)

Lies are necessary for your social life, Greasy skin is necessary for your health.

Life-Death cycle, imperfections or quite the opposite, ecology of systems, blablablablah ;) It's normal and it's good that you have to a greasy skin. if you didn't, your skin would be dry, and you would peel off from everywhere and… die.

Never put a microscope on you :p It's full of bacteries too :p