September 25, 2006 20:52 | Confession

Productive day

Somebody in my network today said:

A way to deal with bothersome emotions beyond reason is either reading about human physiology as science, or doing some very basic mundane tasks such as cleaning.

I read this after an IRC meeting, dropping my car off at the neighborhood garage (next door to my office) to fix a flat tire and diagnose some muffler noise (the exhaust manifold is still under warranty! yokataaaa! That spares me $1100!), a full laundry load, scheduling a pickup to have my living room's cream colored (supposedly) knotted wool rug thoroughly cleaned (damn you, cat) for the first time in it's existence (must be over 10 years old), moving my living room furniture and rolling up said rug (aaaaahtchoo!), vacuuming, taking out the trash AND, just now, hopefully recruiting a programmer.

And it's only 8:45pm. Time to get some work done.


hayaku! hayaky! Boris san!