September 29, 2006 23:08 | Confession


An email I just sent to some of my colleagues at GlobalVoicesOnline:

Hi gang,

In the last 36 or so hours, the site has gone down twice. In both cases, the culprits were simple, yet monumentally stupid oversights on my part (a single missed character in a copy/paste, and bungled theme folder update... so much for being a hotshot!)

Aside from technical and process procedures I should put in place and use for the kinds operations I was doing... I think the first thing I need to do is take a bit of a break.

For this weekend, I am stepping away from GVO. Unfortunately I can't completely remove myself from the computer or the network (ohhh the network the network!!), but if I can at least not think about this great and grand project which I love but which is so terribly present in my mind at all times... it might do me some good. ;)

If anything urgent comes up, of course do not hesitate to contact me! but otherwise, I bid you all a good weekend. See you on monday.



Who knew that in the half second it took me to rename a folder, WordPress would blow it's brains out? Who knew!? I shoulda, duh.

1- カ−ル

How many times did you not take these holidays on a beach? far away from a computah? ;)

go fishing man. get AWAY from the network, the network. ;)