October 1, 2006 18:10 | Confession

Sofas and the malaise they create

Had I known what kind of a monumentally feel bad day I would have just because I decided to get rid of this sofa today... I woulda carried it out to a beach somewhere myself and burnt it.

In 1985, when I was in 5th grade, some friends of mine very briefly got into Role Playing Games. I played once, for one afternoon. That evening I went home and "rolled a character" for myself. In the profile I created, I said I was an orphan. At some point my mother saw that and asked "do you wish you were an orphan?"

I don't play role playing games. Playing myself is enough of a challenge.

"It's going to a good home, Boris. In fact I think it's worst days are past."
Thank you sir. What you say cannot be truer.

My living room is clear.


I thought you should have titled this post "The Malaise of the Chaise" ;)