October 26, 2006 18:40 | Confession


MacBookPro Made it this far. Time for a gift. I mean upgrade. Haha.

I am drooling as well.

I got a MBP for work but have been waiting for the Merom to update my personal machine.

so what spec. are you going for?

I'm thinking about minimum RAM and then buying Crucial or other aftermarket RAM.

I'm thinking the 160GB 5400 RPM HDD.

I'm thinking of maxxing out the video card...

the only thing I'm considering upping is the HD, though haven't decided ont he 160 or the 200. The specs from Fujitsu on the 200 give it identical average seek times with their 5400rpm drives...

don't see the option to up the video ram. aftermarket?

wowwwwww...is it that time already for cookies wrapped in ribbons and tissues again??? celebrations & dancing ensue!!! woot! woot!

*i love messages that are subliminal, secret reminders to those who have the memory and keen eye to recognize them.... ;)*

happy birthday mate!

tshhhhhhh!! ;)
thanks Jenn, Anders. :)

well... a happy Bady to you B, and many happy returns of the day. I am wondering if they are selling first gen. core duo powerboks pros at a discount now (and where I can get them/if I can afford one).

also I get them impression that the pros let you upgrade their video cards, which would make it much more interesting and useful for me.

Thnx Phil.
You're a student so definitly you get the student discount (usually about $500 on the Powerbooks/MacBookPros)
As for videocard... I don't see any option for modifying any aspect of the ATI RADEON X1600, which already has 256M of VRAM... ;)

ATI X1600?

That's already obsolete to me. Then again, I like games. :p

ooohhhh you are so teh l33t... ;p