November 17, 2006 16:43 | Culture / Technology

Vicious Interface

vi Cheat sheet

the above is a cheat sheet for the vi terminal-based text editor. it is evil in it's powerful complexity. amongst geek ideology wars, vi is often pitted again emacs. the emacs camp backronyms vi to mean "vicious interface"

my intention in posting this is to communicate the idea that this cheat sheet is, in effect, the GUI of vi, and that that is indeed vicious.

editing crontab in vi is a pita.

Ok that wasn't so hard... ;)


/me snuggles with his vim editor and gives bopuc the rasberry.

2- Your 2nd Best Friend

vim is the best editor my friend! :)
You forgot d Shift+g.


Check out Its a search engine based upon the top level VI command structure. SO for VI users its way coolto do searches/navigate/etc.