November 26, 2006 14:41 | Confession


The MacBook was repaired earlier this week and I am now on it full time. Sadly, it is hotter than the G4 Powerbook it replaces, and noisier (the HDD). It is also markedly faster, so the tradeoff is... acceptable.

India trip preparations are moving along. Visas have been procured and immunization shots, administered. Tetanus bruising is... less that pleasant. The indian travel agent never replied my email so as of now I still have no idea what the hell I am going to do in India for a week and a half, other than one or two encounters with friends of friends. Must get my act together. Desire to sit on beach, waning. With just over two weeks left until departure, there is lots to do.

Primarily due to sickness last week, I exposed myself to the entire corpus of Ghost in the Shell material (the two movies, both seasons of the TV series as well as the recent TV special). There will be repercussions, starting with the next blog post. Be warned: my fetish for connected awareness and consciousness is spiked.
Without you I am nothing.


india for personal or business travel?

india is one of those locations i've had in my todo itinerary for some time now...

ah, one day. :-)

my usual answer to that question is "living". ;)

i don't really do business, but it is a project meeting that brings me there for three days, and I booked a two week stay, total. Then it's Tokyo for [indefinite].
As I mentioned, I'm supposed to make a real "vacation" out of this but am not convinced I can do so. At very most I suppose I will just go ex-communicado for a few days.

I will of course post pictures

plz to be posting geo-tagged pictures. :-)

good luck!

you know hugo is there?