December 30, 2006 07:54 | Culture

Crunkin' fo' Jaysus

Someone at AP didn't do their research. Consider:

Atlanta rappers take crunk to the pulpit

"We represent harder than any other person," he said. "We are born-again, sanctified, delivered in Jesus' name. Some people have a problem with the way we represent. It's time for some ... Christians to stand up and represent in the industry and the media."

Right, I'm sure you boyz reprazent ow' brotha Jesus wif nuff respec'... except that...


Crunk is /.../ derived from a combination or a portmanteau of the words "crazy" and "drunk", or a combination of "chronic" and "drunk", referring to the state of being both drunk from alcohol and high on marijuana, at the same time.

So what they are saying, essentially, is you have to be totally high to believe in all this Jesus stuff right?