January 12, 2007 10:27 | Montreal

MacBook Pro Theft

Before I left Montreal, I gave my friend Shawna a set of keys to the office for her to use while I am way, to help her set up her media/design company for non-profits/non commercial endeavors.

I just found out that yesterday afternoon, as she quickly went to the washroom down the hall, someone opened the door to the office and stole her MacBook Pro.

(Considering the layout of the floor we're on and how many keys it takes just to get there, this theft is really an enigma, but whatever; not the issue now.)

If anyone comes across any shady second-hand MacBook Pros advertised, please get in touch.
The Macbook Pro in question has a serial number of W86151SDVJ1.

Also would appreciate, if you are Montreal local, if you could mention it on your weblogs and spread the word. Shawna was just getting started with her business, had client work lined up (some started and on the hard drive)... and can't really afford to replace the machine so easily.

Stunned. Cannot figure out how this could happen. :(


shit man. that really sucks.

from NetZone on St.Denis
...appreciate the post, thanks.

ooooooo *hate*

theivery is so rotten.

That is insane. I hope she finds it and/or the person responsible, whichever is more satisfying.

See what happens when I leave Montreal for a few days?

That's terrible,

I highly recommend Orbicule's "Undercover" software.
Which will track the thief and even take pictures of them.
You can remotely control when to shut down your computer and leave a permanent message of your choice on the screen until the computer is recovered.



that sux!! i feel your pain..i got my laptop (a relatively new Dell Inspiron) stolen from my office one Monday morning last month. I was gone from my office not more than 10 minutes but I guess that was enough for someone to run off with it. And although I was dumb enough to leave the door unlocked, I did have a Kensington lock on the laptop itself(though not much good it did, as the thief managed to rip it off). Doh!!

Anyway, my fiance just bought me a new Macbook last week and now I am sooo paranoid about it getting stolen, I have a triple anti-theft system going on (I *always* lock my door, keep the laptop locked to the desk, and I also installed an alarm on it). The alarm I got (for Macbooks and Macbook Pros only) is called iAlertU and you can download it for free at snappingturtle.com. Basically it's just like a car alarm, and uses the motion sensor in it set the alarm off if anyone tries to move it or anything. And yeah, as you can imagine it's really only useful if you're somewhat nearby to actually hear the alarm, but something's always better than nothing I guess..

btw-Montreal rocks... I luv that city (been there 3 times)! And although there apparently are thieves there too, I can't imagine there are any more than here in the U.S. (i'm in Boston, where people rip you off any chance they get). ;-\