January 17, 2007 00:21 | Travel

what is authenticity?

nothing is real.

Abe Burmeister on "counterfeit" sneakers:

Once it's made, once it's shipped, once it's slipped past customs, once it's settled lightly in some temporary location, then you still need to find it. There are no insider announcements, no camping sessions lining up to buy the goods the second they hit the shop, no fevered eBay auctions for the newest of the new, and there is almost no way of knowing how many were made and how many more will follow. Value and excitement both tend come from the thresholds, and nothing navigates the thresholds of taste and legality like a counterfeit good. These are the real artifacts of the industrial age, the goods with real stories. Goods you can wear both with pride and without fear of harming their secondary market value. More authentic than any brand can hope for, welcome to world of the authentic counterfeit.

Brand is also a marketing trick. So is ego.
And all of them point to the negation of joy, surprise, awe.
Enjoy it ALL.

1- カール

or Everything is real. It just depends on how we look at it. But indeed there is no difference in what usually people tend to point as real and unreal.

precisely.. or rather, sort of.

"authentic" and "fake" are qualities, figments of our imagination which we affix to things in our environment, like "good" and "evil". One does not exist without the other, and their existence serves only to propagate confusion.

Everything just is.


best. comment. ever. :))