January 21, 2007 06:58 | Travel

Dim Sum revelation

Well, I've had Dim Sum in Montreal's Chinatown (multiple locations), New York's, Toronto's, Vancouver's, San Francisco's and now finally Hong Kong... and I can say this:

It tastes pretty much exactly the same everywhere.

Big cheers for consistency, people. Possibly one reason why it is one of my very favorite foods.

(I must also say that "chinese" BBQ duck and pork seems to follow the same standards. Do the Cantonese have the "authenticity" trick down pat? hehehehehe ;)

Contrast this to the fact that I have never had the same vietnamese Phó twice, not even at the same spot!
(and I am not complaining; also greatly enjoy vast variety and surprise... mostly... ;)

... and perhaps I am exaggerating just a bit...