January 23, 2007 15:26 | Travel


or How a four hour flight can take a day (3320.20 km)

Wake up at 6:30am.
- check email
- shower
- dress
- finalize packing
Leave hotel room at 7:30am
- walk up to main street
- hail a cab, drive to Central/Airport Express Terminal

Check-in. (Oh yes, very cool, you can check in from the train station just before you get on the train to the airport. Bonus: you check your luggage too!)

Get on Airport Express, depart at 8:00am

Arrive at Hong Kong Airport at approximately 8:30am
- Immigration
- Security check
- Security check
- Sit at gate for half an hour :p
- Security check (wtf?)

Board plane at 9:35am
Takeoff at 10:05am

Fly fly fly. 3 hour and 20 minute flight. Change +1 time zone.

Arrive Narita, Japan at 2:30pm (gee where'd the time go?)
- Immigration
- Baggage claim
- Customs ("ohhh you speak some japanese?" - " ehhh chotto..." - "Have a good day!" :D

Buy ticket for next Limousine Bus to Shibuya; in ten minutes, 4:10pm (whaaa?? where'd that hour and half go!?)

Depart on bus toward Shibuya at 4:20pm (bus was late! scandal!)

Arrive at Shibuya Marc City Excel Hotel at 5:30pm (yay downtown traffic!)

Fight Shibuya station congestion to get to Tokyu Toyoko line, board train at 5:45pm.

Arrive at Jyugaoka at about 6:00pm. Stop in for some sushi, get some groceries, walk to Labo.



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