January 30, 2007 23:44 | Travel

Vive La Internette


On Sunday night I went out to Soft in Shibuya for the "Tokyo Fun Party" "Juliana" night. The pictures recount a bit how crowded, hot and manic things got.

A Sunday night, in a tiny basement space, from 7 till 11pm. "All ages". This is all very deceiving. By about ten the room was completely off the hook with wikkedly mixed hard house hip hop electro clash insanity. "Smack my bitch up" indeed. HARDCUT HOMECUT and Digiki were the highlights as far as I am concerned.

Literally stumbling out at 11, it was hard for me to believe it wasn't 5am and I hadn't been dancing all night... and wishing it was and I had. That was the most concentrated dose of "night-out insanity in 3 hours" in a long time. Hope I'm still around for the next one. :)

Merci Digiki. Good to see you again Patrick. Nice to finally meet you Jean. Surprised to bump into ya Cartsen. No one told me Marxy was there so meh :p


thank you for coming, glad you enjoy the party ! the next one will be in February. Oh and it's actually HOMECUT not, HARDCUT, though he's really good at cutting things :)

Proof that I am working too much. I *knew* it was Homecut, but my fingers failed me. ;)

Marxy was there!? How can we have missed someone so tall?

I think there may have been a misunderstood photo that a friend commented on to me. I have no idea what marxy looks like so I dunno. ;)