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White Day


White Day is a festival that was created by a concentrated marketing effort in Japan. White Day is celebrated in Japan and Korea on March 14, one month after Valentine's Day. On Valentine's Day, women give gifts to men; on White Day, men who received chocolate on Valentine's Day return the favour and give gifts to women. This holiday is starting to gain popularity in Hong Kong, where Japanese influence is strong.

First off, out here, on Valentine's Day, it's the women who give the men gifts, etc.

Second, any woman I love will know I love her every day, and not need a commercially sanctioned day for me to give her flowers or chocolates so that a whole caste of spoiled brats can live off of trust funds.

Third, sadly it seems that most people rather just get the flowers and chocolates than really be loved.

The line between freedom and captivity in love is very very thin. One may be able to see it but still waver back and forth over it wildly. Stabilize man, dammit.


Not really seeing the relationship between giving a woman of box of chocolates on Valentine's Day and caste of spoiled brats on trust funds. You lost me there.

There is no line in love - love is everything - including both freedom and captivity.

Happy Valentine's Day.

(Hee hee).

Okay then. So here's the next question: would you give a woman who gave you chocolates on japanese/korean valentine's day, chocolates (or anything else for that matter) on White day? Or even better would you ever give a woman anything? (Sorry I couldn't resist, but this is part of a mini-survey of mine on the topic of v-day and celebrations of love in general.)

Alice, I think I answered that in IM the other day. ;)

i'm wondering why do they call it 'white day'?

5- カール

charlies: white chocolate. Check wikipedia for white day.