February 24, 2007 07:53 | Montreal

Only Jo

Jo - Thailand

Travel update from someone else.
Jo was a waiter at Laïka. For years. The others referred to him as "Uncle Jo".
Jo left for a long trip of discovery about two weeks before I headed out in mid december on my current expedition. He languished in Ireland through December and January.

He's in Thailand now and, well, in his own words:

Je suis supposé retourner en Europe le 10 Mars mais je crois que je ne partirai pas. Je suis trop bien ici et qui sais... je serai peut-être prof d'anglais bientôt.

("I'm supposed to go back to Europe on the 10th of March but I don't think I'll leave. I'm too well here and who knows... maybe I'll be an english teacher soon.")

This, of course, does not surprise me. Haha. :)

Cya around Jo. Be well.


Well he's certainly got the "Thailand expat" look down pat. Good to hear he's enjoying the trip.

aw, I'm jealous you got to hang out with Jo. I guess I'll have to try and make it to Asia soon....

hey, i miss that guy. cool to know you hung out with him.

Ergh, sorry I shoulda made it clear: I unfortunately didn't take this picture! He sent it to me in a group email of friends. :)