February 24, 2007 21:05 | Travel

Run for cover

or at least cover your ears.

Zipped out to Soft in Shibuya last night for Juliana vol.3. It was even better than last month's. Just completely mental.

Videos, of terrible quality, and excessive volume (my ears are still ringing), but hopefully give some idea of the heat.

"Synth Handclaps are the 'more cowbell' of today. More synthclaps!"

You should subscribe to Digiki's Polypunk podcast. It's bustin' it old school. Damn, these beats are so fresh... ssssnap!

Turned around at one point and saw this dude who looked familiar so I, and this is something I do far far too rarely, strike up a conversation of sorts. Asked him what he thought. "Man, it's a Sunday night. I feel like I'm having a religious experience!" Three questions later and it turns out he used to hang out at Blizzarts on friday nights for Brass Knuckles Krew, when he was studying at McGill. Small. World. Peter, dude who's name rhymes with "papaya" says hi.

Afterward, Carsten (Sony CSL) and Verena (PingMag) invited me to Combine. Really like this little place on Meguro-gawa in Naka Meguro. Despite being quite drunk, I used my mobile to poll for wifi: oh yes, Combine has a free open hotspot. Eeeexcellent. Really enjoyed the company. Danke vielmals!

Message to the girl with the bob hair, black tights and god-knows-what-that-shiny-black-material-your-shirt-was shirt, play-boxing dance stylee on stage right: I'm in love.