February 27, 2007 06:27 | Bits



all actionable. and these are not related to my main client/project. e-mails from that are sorted into 5 other folders, all with lists similarly long.


You have an automation script that sends emails at pre-defined times, right? :) I mean, what's up with that 7:39am email - seems lonely. Ah! And there's where we had coffee - between 2:25pm and 4:41pm :P

haha, INBOX Matt! INBOX!

yes, this looks about as long as my daily "to do" list, mind you I don't always get everything done on the list that day or that week, or sometimes that month.

That's the nice part about being a student, I guess. My only client is me, and if I need a nap then the client gets what the client wants ;)