February 28, 2007 03:52 | Bits

What the font?

I got an email this morning from "zazaaaaaaa" Azamit:

Hey u
Would u know anybody that can help me find the name of this font

Azamit - active?

Daah, I thought... I *hate* font searching.

Is it Helvetica? No, no, it's something rounded.

AG Book Rounded? No the "a" is wrong:
AG Book ROunded

DAAAAHH I hate this!

Hello... what's this? "What the font"??
I uploaded the PNG Azamit sent me and... wow. it broke it up letter by letter, asked me to verify it had guessed the right letters... and pow: VAG Rounded Bold:
vag rounded

I sent Aza the result and she replied in her fashion:

Je te déteste par passion
You fucking rock.....& I fucking mean it

hehehee. Love you too ;)


You can also use identifont, which takes a question/response approach. After 10 very simple questions about the shape of individual characters (took less than a minute) it gave me a list of possibles, and the second choice was VAG Rounded.