March 6, 2007 00:55 | Culture


Mao Surreal

New friend Verena is in Beijing this week and she posted this picture she took while driving my Tiananmen Square.

I find the image of Mao mesmerizing. Not becase it's Mao (it means nothing to me for I have no direct experience of communism, Chinese or otherwise, except for few misguided marxist acquaintances), but because of the image.

Look at it.

The baby blue to pink fade background.
As gaudy as any knock-off sneaker rolling off factory conveyor belts by the billions.

The grey perfection of the suit.
The shadows crisp and jutting out into this world from that one. Boo! We're comin' to get'ya!

The iconic old-well-fed-chinese-man face.
It screams "I love dumplings! You will too!"

1- カール

close slightly your eyes. look look it is Mickey Mouse.

hahahaha. indeed. :)