March 7, 2007 11:37 | Confession / Montreal


Aaron is homesick too

Me too, oh man, me too.
(Today was such a total clusterfuck, I'm crying listing to this.)


It's a great song. The other day I was driving to Montreal for a contract I'm working on and someone phoned me. I turned off the radio and took the call, just as I was approaching the Ile-aux-Tourtes bridge.

When the call ended, I turned the radio (CBC Radio1) back on, and what was playing? "Je reviens à Montréal..."

That's so weird. That's the song that was playing on the radio right before I arrived at the airport to pick you up the last time you returned from Japan. I thought "how strangely appropriate..."

WHAT ???? You are full of surprises :):):)

me too,

When are you going to be back?

I'll be there in beginning of may for the CFP 2007 conference.

Please, don't go...

Mikel, Steven: neat coincidences! :)
Mom: what what?
Phil: end of the month.
SoccerBoy: hah! I'll be back. Just promise me to have another Juliana-style party before the 28th. ;)

7- カール

I add:

* Je reviendrais à Montréal - Robert Charlebois
* Montréal - Bran Van 3000
* Demain matin, Montréal m'attend - Michel Tremblay
* Montréal - Beau Dommage
* Les Nuits de Montréal - Jacques Normand
* Cartier - Robert Charlebois ----> "Montréal à Tokyo, Kyoto ou Kobé, …"
* many more

'Retour a Vega' by the Stills. It would make homesick, if I was just off the island. Now I'm 478023948203 km away in kangaroo-land and it's 10 times worse.

But this one made me cry too...

Ah, yes. Song-induced homesickness. Got attacked by it fairly frequently. At the end of this year, I'll be moving away from Mtl. For good. These songs (and others) will surely have a longterm effect on me.
Not sure if it would have been the same if I had been born somewhere else.