March 18, 2007 02:14 | Travel

Winding down, winding up

A week and a half left. I am feeling the way I always do at this point:
Can't wait to get home... but don't want to ever leave.

This visit was both devastating on some levels and elevating on others. I've dug roots in a good amount deeper, and am happy for it. I've made connections that will not only make it even easier for me to come back on a regular basis, but also make me want to even more. (I bet you didn't think that was even possible. ;)

But for now, I tuck in and try to make sure I get to see everyone one last time before I go, do all the work I need to do (launching GVO redesign as soon as I touch the ground in Montreal) and enjoy it all.

ja matta, ne.

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