March 20, 2007 05:54 | Travel


I packed only two pairs of black cords for this trip (because that's all I had been wearing all fall.) Almost two months ago I acquired a pair of cheap tapered camo cargo pants.

Before all this I had worn nothing but jeans for the last five or six years.

I needed to get back into my jeans. Somehow, however, The Gap just didn't bridge it anymore, and Diesel fueled no more desire.

I am wearing a wonderful pair of hand-made, indigo dyed jeans from Okura in Daikanyama. I feel... elated and liberated.


If you're getting back into jeans you might like which are created in Winnipeg (also see I bought a pair of their 1921s a while ago. Denim is from Japan (authentic ring spun & variety of indigo shades ;)), love the fit. And if you have a lot of money you can have them hand painted by Takuto Mochizuki (Tokyo street artist) which made them famous recently. I don't keep up on what's fashionable but I like these jeans, particularly how they are made. And you can get them at a vintage store on St. Denis. (damn forget the name of it)