November 14, 2002 14:11 | URLs


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Although I appreciate the evidently patient work done here, I regret (once again), that while some flags are represented (and by extension the very political-economical-criminal-denominational ideologies comprised in this seemingly simple symbol of nationalist collectivity and pride) others are mysteriously left out.
In addition to "censorship," "manipulation," "distortion," "deception," and "omission," and other fashionable jargon, let us add "denial," and, forgive the personal rant, "networking, supporting, and funding highly-educated and widely-respected asshole academics who continue to unabashedly attempt a complete and systematic suppression and eradication of the trauma of loss inflicted upon the survivors of the still neglected 1915-1922 Armenian Genocide while a cornucopia of state archival materials, consulary reports, diplomatic correspondences, and numerous witness accounts continue to be available for those who care to know what some of the lesser "saleable" guilts and responsibilities our friendly American neighbours might be."