December 2, 2002 13:43 | URLs

Oh Sony...

I am a mac person myself, but I LOVE the stuff they do. It is SO hard to resist buying into Sony.

Damn this thing is purdy!



now put a real cpu and some decent video card in it, remove all the XP software so i won't pay for any useless licence and i'll buy one on which i install linux =:)

2- Boris Anthony

Hehehe.. erm well yes and no... I wouldn't use it as a workstation (and I don't play games so videocards are moot for me - except insofar as QuartzExtreme is concerned under Mac OS X... but that's another thing)...

I'm thinking: in a big house where you'd want to access the web at any given moment etc... ;)

Hmm.. I just realised how sick that makes me.