March 4, 2003 23:57 | Stories

Goin' to Texas

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Ah ... that knife! ... handmade by a crazy old man by the name of Yanni in Chania, Crete.

He gave me several shots of local moonshine from a plastic Evian bottle to seal the deal. Then he proceeded to pour Nitric acid on the floor of his small 1 room shop/studio in order to show how strong it was (the acid, not the moonshine ...).

If ever you are in Chania, his shop is not too hard to find (its on a corner on the knife-shop street!)

2- Boris Anthony

Crazy old Cretins with knives and moonshine don't elicit that strong a desire in me to seek them out... ;)

Thanks for knife though!

Well the nitric acid fumes in the enclosed space and 40 degree heat may have shortened my life a tad, but, all in all well worth it. The other knife shops sucked anyway :D

trust me. leave the knife at home! i'll lend you a razor!


5- Boris Anthony


Razor? Warren.. when's the last time you saw me clean shaven!?!?! That's right, never!

Must have stubble. Always.

But yeah, knife stays here. Not even bringing my Swiss Army Knife. (Sheesh that thing usually follows me everywhere!)

get this: my mother flew up from Florida to visit a few weeks back. She had one of those tiny nail clippers with the little tiny nail file tht swings out... They BROKE IT OFF. A tiny 62 year old lady with a tiny fragile nail file.

Bah just as well... she probbaly WOULD stab one of them, given the chance, nevermind motive! Hehehehe.