March 6, 2003 13:52 | URLs


Boiled Pork Dumplings to be precise

Oh I love these. I could live on only these.

Interesting to note: in Northern China they are called "Jiaozi", whereas in Japan they are known as "Gyoza".


Love them, especially when they are fried on one side.

2- Boris Anthony

Just like I made them tonight! :D
Well, not from scratch. Remeber I bought four kilos a few weeks back in China Town.

That's where I get my potstickers too. Ce que c'est bon! I also get them from the great grocery store in the Cinema du Parc building. They have a great variety too and they have a large selection of noodles as well.

i *love* that little grocery store in cite du parc...their veggies are always fesh, especially their lettuce...pre-cut mangoes for 2.99!...interesting tofu concoctions...