August 18, 2003 22:56 | Montreal

Euro Deli WiFi

I just stopped by Euro Deli on St-Laurent for an after dinner allongé & dessert canolli. I had my iBook out (yeah I got one...), writing up a blog entry about the jaunt to Toronto this past weekend, when an employee approached me and asked if I had a WiFi card.

Mike proceeded to tell me that in a week or two he and some friends will have set up a free WiFi hotspot there as part of their "IleSansFil" project.

Way cool. Though I must say I am surprised that the Twins are going for this. No matter. I'll be there more often again now. Maybe.


Holy Canolli,

That rocks, but I wish they would open up another deli on St-Viateur, then I wouldn't have to drag my lazy ass all the way to St-Laurent to get some wifi action ... by the way, I think Cafe Perk Avenue (Park/Villeneuve) also has free wifi, I noticed a sign outside there the other day ... dunno about their coffee though, never been inside.

Wow, that was quick. Also very random that I checked out your blog tonight. A few weeks is probably a bit optimistic. We'll see how long it takes.

4- Boris Anthony

Hey Mike.
Yeah blogged it as soon as I got home.
Let me know when you guys do get it set up.
I'll try to come by sometime and twist Cuono's arm a bit to get things moving. ;)