August 28, 2003 11:59 |

Concert going advice needed!!

I very rarely go to live shows, especially these big outdoor production things. However tonight I will be going to see Björk.

I need to know something though: it says specifically on the ticket that cameras etc are not allowed. Do they search everyone? Do they use metal detectors? I want to bring my camera. it is small enough that I can slip it into my sock or even underwear if need be. No joke. It'd fit into a pack of cigarettes... hmmm...

So yeah, anyone wanna give me a quick low-down on concert security screening? Thanks!

1- Boris Anthony

Wow, talk about security... not. Obviously concert promoters here haven't realised how small recording technolgoy has become, or they just don't care.

Oh well, yippee for me. and you. Pics and (bad bad) video coming shortly...