August 28, 2003 11:42 | Technology

To want or not?

Ok... I *think* I *may* want one of these SCOTTeVEST things. I hate carrying a bag around and since nobody has made an acceptable cellphone/PDA/digicam/MP3Player yet, I find myself lugging all this crap around or worse: leaving it at home.

This may just fit the bill. Too bad it's butt ugly. Hmmm. I know about a dozen local fashion designers. I bet someone could make something as functional that actually has some style...


The Three.0 fleece isnt too bad, looks like most fleeces. The other one though does look like shit.

I've just recently started carrying a bag. A smallish messenger bag by Cocotte (Montreal co.), I hardly notice it anymore but it is more of a assle than the classical nothing or just a jacket.