September 2, 2003 14:10 | URLs


BBC NEWS | Africa | Congo's football officials 'go deaf'

Congo's football authorities have come up with a new idea to end mounting corruption at the turnstiles of its stadiums.

They have decided to replace the old officials on the gates with people who can neither speak nor hear.

... I am left.


My question is... what's next? My mom used to me stories of how she had to watch thieves lose their hand and rapist their weapon of concerted destruction when she lived back in KuwaitÖ eerie. Are we really still in a space and time that requires this type physicalÖ whatever youíd call itÖ guidance or management; like children who get sent to a corner or locked in a room? I had hoped we could better ìpoliceî this type of social disobedience without limiting the possibility of disobedience; without physical repercussion or limitation. Maybe one dayÖ

Soli: Well, your comment, i don't think, applies so much to the above article, but I hear ya. We both grew up in the cushioned environs of suburbia, and even though both our parents came from times and places where nasty things happened and we sometimes heard their stories, we were still raised with the ideals of a civilised humanity. Sadly, it's a pipe dream as old as ... well... man? Monkey?

I refuse to venture an opinion on whether we'll ever grow out of baseness. :\