September 17, 2003 03:49 | WebBlogging

Blogged bookmarks

Francis asked me last night how I am managing bookmarks, and I told him I'm sort of floating around between my browsers and my RSS aggregator, basically forgetting sites I want to visit etc...

I mentioned however I was hacking an MT weblog to use as a bookmark manager, and, well, tonight I finished it.
(Not much in there yet... )

You'll notice the categories have RSS feeds so that I can subscribe to them in my RSS aggregator once and use it as my "bookmarks list".

I also use this to generate my "Blogroll" on this site.

Using MT templates I could easily generate XBEL archives as well, but this is useless since the only browser that uses XBEL is Mozilla (I think... not even sure of that) and it would use a local copy and not one it could fetch from the webserver (like RSS does...) and besides why would I? I can use my RSS aggregator as explained above.

How do I add Bookmarks? Easy: I use a Movable Type bookmarklet which allows me to make entries from the page I am on and wish to bookmark... It automatically, through the joys of JavaScript, pastes the URL and title of the page into the entry fields. I can also enter notes or excerpts or keywords into extra fields which then allow me to do a search of my bookmarks.

I've also left on Comments and TrackBacks on and leave the site open to whoever wants to see it. I figure I'm constantly sending emails and IMs to friends and we laugh or make comments.. this way it's all in one place and I'm not pestering anyone. ;)

Not too shabby eh? It IS a CMS afterall... ;)

Sleep time!


Oh man Aaron... you never cease to amaze. Wow!
Now if only MT allowed nested categories, i could reeally use this...

Francis, can we install Aaron's mod_perl thingamajig? :)


I have never tried this. I will only say that :

- As noted, there are no checks to catch recursive loops.

- Unless you are running the script via a setuid CGI wrapper, you should *not* chmod it to 755. 550, or even just 500, ought to be sufficient permissions for the web server to execute the program. Giving write permissions, especially on executable files, to the web server (user 'http' or 'www') is just a bad idea from a paranoid security POV.

Hehe.. Shoulda known there was a plugin. I really need to go poke around on the MT Plugin site, see what's available...

For this feature though, I think I'll wait for Ben to implement it in the actual system... ;)

Oh and Aaron, thanks again! :)