March 24, 2004 16:16 | URLs

Watch your fingers

SawStop Videos

In our video demonstrations, we are cutting a sheet of plywood or particle board and place a hot dog in the path of the blade to simulate a user's finger. The SawStop system detects contact between the hot dog and the blade of the saw and stops the blade in approximately 5 milliseconds or less, resulting in only a small nick in the skin of the hot dog.

(I don't usually blog stuff I see on Boing Boing, but this is too cool. Table saws always scared the crap out of me.)
(Also just noticed Boing Boing finally switched to MT. Hallelulijah! Hey Cory! Who's yas got for the redesign? Hmmm...)


Cool. As a soon of an architect, visiting lots of woodworking shops during weekends when I was a kid, I cannot tell you how many guys I shook hands with that had missing fingers. Always gave me the creeps.