April 11, 2004 00:43 | Political

Glad I'm not american

I wasn't going to comment about the hostage takings starting up in Iraq, but this Globe & Mail homepage shot makes it quite clear. The japanese and the canadian hostages stand a good chance of going home. The american doesn't. I hope you sleep well, Mr. Dick Cheney.

While I'm at it...
Yankee, go the fuck home. It is utterly irrelevant what you think is right or wrong. They do not want you in their land. Whether you liberated or invaded them is a moot point. They WILL kill you and yours. You have two choices: get the hell out once and for all, or annihilate the entire region. Otherwise, settle in for a long, bloody (and I mean that literally) time. Nobody wins in this and you know it, I know you do.

Koizumi-san, how did that feel? You scared shitless yet? You are ready to betray your people any more? Did you watch what happened in Spain last month? Pull the SDF out, please.

Thank god, praise allah, etc etc that Chretien had to the good sense to tell Bush et al to take a hike.

Soli, I hope your buddy gets home safe.


stupid fucking brit, think we want to be in Iraq? Bush and Cheney do not not represent the ideology of the rest of the United States, so thanks for you superb political advice. Actually, we Americans are just jumping at the bit to get a gun and go over to kill Iraqis so Bush and his cronies can have more oil. You stupid dumb shit.


Wow, you demonstrate incredible intelligence. Not only by your profound erudition, but by thinking I am British. Please tell me, what made you make such an assumption?

I know Bush and Cheney don't "represent the ideology of the rest of the United States" (gees just that terminology is scary!), but wait a second... I thought the US is a DEMOCRACY, where the WILL OF THE PEOPLE reigns...

Instead of being juvenile, why don't you get up and make a change? It is YOUR government afterall, is it not?