June 21, 2004 16:36 | Montreal

St-Jean on St-Viateur

So the rumor was true. There will be no official St-Jean Baptiste celebrations on St-Viateur this year. THAT... is a travesty. A crime even, I'd say.

Then again, it's not like the Mile Enders need an excuse to hang around and loiter on St-Viateur all day... hehehehe.

Apparently there is whisperings of unofficially "brownbagging" the afternoon of the 24th on the street anyways. Maybe a ghetto blaster (inside pun intended) would not be out of place...

This just in from... someone who shall remain anonymous:

hello everybody,
IMPORTANT LATE-BREAKING NEWS!!!!!!!!! Please forward to all fellow citizens, party-goers, st-jean lovers, mile-end badasses, cuties, patooties... THIS EMAIL CONTAINS INFORMATION THAT MAY JUST SAVE THE NEIGHBOURHOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

following the very sad news that St. Viateur St.'s annual St-Jean blowout has been cancelled this year, we have arranged a back-up plan...:

It's St-Jean, Shut Up and Dance!... (C'est la St-Jean, ferme ta yeule pis danse!)... Thurs., June 24, 9 p.m. at the Main Hall of the Mile End Cultural Centre (upstairs from the Green Room), 5390 St-Laurent.
Admission is FREE.

the party will go down in the tradition of the St-Jean block party that took place on Kilo-Prix corner, i.e. massive, eclectic DJ jam session, crazy dancing and neighbourly socializing.

many friendly neighbourhood dj's will be in the mix. here are some that may appear (i.e. not all confirmed, so no complaints about false advertising and/or libel suits, please).

Andy Williams, Scott C, Soundbwoy, Bliss, Crystelle, Keisuke, Sixtoo, P-Love, T'Cha, the Pony Up DJ Posse, Don Ray and Guapo (who will be holding it down downstairs at the Green Room)

merci, et joyeuse St-Jean!...
p.s. for those jonesin' for a little fresh air, there's apparently some kinda outdoor St-Jean thing from 6-9 p.m. at the corner of St. Viateur and de Gaspe.. and a few people have expressed interest in brown-bagging it and hanging out along st-viateur anyway on thursday afternoon, which sounds like a fine idea... and again, s'il vous plait... PASS IT ON!...

(St-Jean Baptiste is the official "national holiday" of Quebec... in so far as a province, not a nation, can have a national holiday... ahem... and have it named after a christian character who got his head lobbed off for the entertainment of a princess... ahem... hehehe I jest I jest... ;)


I know you were kidding but I still gotta correct you. Sorry - I'm feeling OCD.

"A nation is a group of people sharing aspects of their language, culture and/or ethnicity."


Nothing like a little brown-bagging. I'll be there!