June 21, 2004 12:32 | WebBlogging

What has Seb done for you lately?

Seb Paquet (Seb's Open Research) has a special request today.

Seb's work is funded by the Government of Canada. This funding covers not only his research, but also the fact that he is able to, and does, share much of it, if not all of it, with us. As Seb explains, however, the auditors need to assess the impact/value of his work...

Well, let's show em. :)

My own letter is as follows:

Seb Paquet's shared research stimulates and enriches my life on a daily basis. It adds to my intellectual, psychological and even emotional development as a sentient individual and as such promotes my well being as well as my abilities and desire to share that with others, enriching their lives in the process.

As a fellow Canadian, I could ask little more of my government. (Aside from basic rights and freedoms, reasonable taxes, universal healthcare, etc etc etc... of course... ;)

Hope that's not too cheesy... ;)


No, no, not at all Boris, it's perrfectly cheesy!! :) Thanks man!

No, no, thank YOU!


here's mine (I actually wrote it before I saw your entry, boris)

In my position as the founder of IleSansFil (a non-profit community group promoting free wireless internet access in Montreal) Seb Pacquet's work has been extremely helpful to me in several ways. Before ever meeting M. Paquet I followed his research via his website (blog and the wiki). Many times it has influenced the directions we have taken with our group's communication and knowledge management tools. I have also used what I've learned with my research group GameCODE (a sociology research group at Concordia that studies digital gaming). Recently M. Paquet was kind enough to join us for a brainstorming session during a recent trip to Montreal. Since then he has given feedback on an ISF project that involves using our wireless hotspots to create community and display geographically relevant information.

The two things I take from M. Paquet's work is how to use the various technological tools that are now at our disposal and as a larger overview of what these tools mean and where we are heading with them. On this second point he provides a valuable, unique perspective that would be very difficult to replace.

Michael Lenczner

http://mtl3p.ilesansfil.org (blog)