July 3, 2004 16:44 | Technology


A couple of weeks ago, Mie blogged about some "new office members" at 6A. "Neato" I thought, "cheap basic robotics hitting the market..."

A couple of nights later, I walked into my usual hangout, Blizzarts, only to find 7 of these little robots dancing on the dance floor, and three patrons happily toting around their boxed up raffle prizes (3 more Robosapiens). Turns out the girlfriend of one of DJs works for the company and they had a little promo event.

"Hunh?" I thought, "Works for the company? Here?"

I shelved the whole thing in my mind, labeled "too investigate".

Karl just IMed me a link to Loïc Le Meur's blog entry about his Robosapien which he picked up in California.

Google Robosapien. Company called Wow Wee. Wowwee.com... Whois wowwee.com ?

Wow Wee Group Inc. (WOWWEE5-DOM)
4480 Cote De Liesse #320
Montreal, Quebec H4N 2R1

/me swells with Montreal pride, again... ;)


Mie brought one of those guys home. I'd love to take it apart and swap out the audio code and otherwise hack the hell out of it...