July 9, 2004 19:31 | URLs


FlickrBlog - The Underbunny

There was an IM/email buzz around our offices when a Flickr member with the handle 'Underbunny' posted this image, the hands of a 102 year old woman at an open casket funeral

Some, er, *nice* pictures in Underbunny's photostream... not for the weakly constituted...


You are a very sick man ;-)

Bonjour Andre, hi Underbunny!

Well... they are actually, IMNHO, very nice pictures. And honestly I have no problem with the morbid really. But I did need to face an aspect of life I am not often exposed to so, I guess me reaction was... hesitant...

'specially the decomp. Oddly fascinating. It always starts at the lower abdomen? Makes sense I guess.. digestive tract.. all kinds of fungi etc...


...sort of! If you're pregnant,
it begins in the uterus, -I think-.
Mortuary college was too long ago!

...anyway, thanks for what you said. :)