July 13, 2004 21:23 | WebBlogging

Of course! mod_rewrite!

One simple way to reduce comment spam

Adriaan thought up of one more very powerful way to stop comment spam (assuming your blog is on a server you have access too... and is running Apache... and the .htaccess directive is on...)

Simply have the webserver deny requests to whatever does the comment processing, if the request comes from anywhere other than the site itself!



Well this isn't rocket science, it's a common way to prevent hotlinking of images for example... and sadly, the referer is easy to spoof (most comment spammers do it).

There still isn't a perfect remedy to automated comment spamming.
The best thing is still to rename your comments script to a unusual filename, change the field names to something else, etc... in other words customize it.

Yeah I know. It is one of many methods. Best to use as many as you can...