July 15, 2004 19:54 | Stories


Some little stories from the last 24 hours of my life. Not in any order.

Generic brand mouthwash.
Unlike seemingly everyone on The Plateau (the part of Montreal where I live), I like going to the new PharmaPrix pharmacy. It's big, clean and since it seems to be being boycotted by everyone, it is always a quiet and expedient shopping experience. Not to mention they always have plenty of everything in stock AND reduced prices. (Probably for the same reason... ;)

By far the best part, however, is their generic brand, "Life". Everytime I go I discover a new knock-off, literally half the price of the brand name. I love it. The packaging designers at "Life" must have a field day copying "juuuust close enough" the packaging of the brand they are cannibalizing, and doing so in quite tasteful and appealing way.

Today I discovered their Listerine killer. At half the price, and 0.01% more of each of the medicinal ingredients, what more could I possibly ask for? I wish they didn't have to use artificial and carcinogenic colorants like Yellow #9 and Green #7, but eh. I ain't drinking the stuff. Yet.

Cable Television Decoder
Decided to ditch my cable TV service. I haven't watched the tube in 6 months, so hasta la bista baby. Pack the box up and drive down to the Videotron outlet. On the way I think "Now why am I coming to this one when there is one around the corner from my house? Sheesh... Oh man and these one way streets around here... what a pain..." Whatever, I'll stop in at the asian grocery store nearby and get some daikon so I can enjoy some Tsuyu Soba again.

So I walk in with the box, buddy behind the counter opens it up to inspect... "Ah, you forgot the remote... that's ok, you can bring it by later or tomorrow." Ok.

As I walk out I think: "Now that was stupid... I could have kept the box and just walked up to the other Videotron later... Now I have to come back down here, during downtown rush hour traffic. Argh." Tough life.

Cancelation of old cellphone service
Having switched to a new carrier about 3 weeks ago, i figured it was high time to cancel my old service. This went quite smoothly actually, and even provided some comedy.

Note to self: next time make it very clear from onset that I do not want to be sold anything.

"May I ask what is the reason for your canceling your service with us today?"
"Um, I am leaving the country" (A lie I thought would spare me any "please stay with us" drama...)
"Oh! You're SO LUCKY!"

At this point a dizzying array of silly replies and presumptions filled my mind...

"Wow you must really hate your job!"
"I am moving to Afghanistan."
"I've inherited a chicken farm in Abu Dhabi, where an arranged marriage with a half-cousin awaits..."

Being quick as lightening I answered: "Uh, yeah."

"Ok well... let's see... Oh! It says here that you are still eligible for to-the-second billing! Are you sure you want to cancel your service?"
"Ummm... Well... I'm leaving the country..."
"Right... Ok let me just double check your address here. Oh and do you have an email address?
"What for please?"
"So we can send you promotional materials from time to time..."

This is where I almost started name calling...

"You see, I am leaving, and I'm not coming back..."
"Oh right! You are SO LUCKY!"

Poor girl.

Debugging a display issue on Joi's blog when viewed via Internet Explorer 6 on PC (a.k.a. "The Most Vile Web Browser Whore of Babylon")
Two hours of save & reload while Steven graciously served as my remote eyes on his PC and relayed results to me via IM.

It came down to a "padding: 0;" CSS directive which PC/IE apparently does not like when applied to malformed (hehe) blockquotes. "padding-left: 0;" solved the issue.

I hope.

Late breakfast
Somehow, by the grace of the Almighty, Chez José had piping hot fresh apple turnovers today at 12:30pm. Bliss.


Thanks for figuring out the IE6 thing.

Two hours of save & reload while Steven graciously served as my remote eyes on his PC and relayed results to me via IM.

For the record, I'm not a regular PC / IE6 user - I just have one. ;)

Speaking of, would you be able to do that same testing in IE6 on your own machine with Virtual PC (not that I mind helping you - on the contrary! I'm just curious)?

This is so funny. Keep'em coming, Boris.

Oh, and you're SO LUCKY!