August 7, 2004 17:33 | Technology


Has cell phone blogging found its place? | CNET

This article makes no sense to me. It seems to be a jumble of keywords like "weblogs", "moblogs", and "Social Networks"...

LoMoSo, "Location-based mobile social networks".

Then they go on to say our own Bell Mobility has implemented LoMoSo stuff, providing a maps-and-directions service... Hunh?! What does that have to do with weblogging, moblogging or social networking?

Nevermind the cost. These people just don't seem to get that the way to make money in wireless is to charge LESS.

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"We're adding location to blogging, something that's really never been done before," a WaveMarket representative said.

Harumph. I beg to differ.

Hehehe, I said the same. Thanks for the link! :)