September 5, 2004 16:31 | WebBlogging

Unclear on the concept

If there is one thing weblogs ARE, it seems to be "hard to grasp".

A month ago I posted this "moblog" entry (which is just a weblog entry with a picture which was posted from a mobile device) showing two cans of Korean-market Japanese sports drink "Pocari Sweat" (click that link... it is a HOOT), which I got here, on the other end of the planet, in a Korean grocery store.

Ok so the Google rank on this is a bit whack but whatever. (As of right now that entry is listing number 8...)

This morning, I get this in my email:

Subject: request pocari sweat
Date: September 5, 2004 5:49:05 AM EDT

Dear sir,
our company intersted in buying pocari sweat.
It would be grateful for us to buying from your firm.Could you please tell us the prices of one box.
it would be apperciated for us to become your contribution if you like.
with our best Regards,
Almas Trading Sahar Company

Good god, I'll be rich!


Shall I tell you about the guy in Punjab who tried to comment this morning on a 9 month old entry over at Smartmobs pertaining to some sort of online gambling/lottery scam in the Netherlands? He wanted to know when he'd get his money, and offered up his full name, address AND CREDIT CARD NUMBER. (Ok there is more to it than that, way more, but this guy really offered up his digits... )


Well, I hope that you didn't use the number to buy more Pocari Sweat :)

And then sell them to the Almas Trading Sahar Company ...

That... is a brilliant idea! :)