October 24, 2004 17:19 | Technology


I want tags on everything. I want everything to be a tag. Or I could say, I want everything to be tag-able and want everything to be able to BE a tag.

Any document, picture, file, bit of data... I want to be able to associate it to any other other document, picture, file, bit of data.

This picture is associated with this contact. This document is associated to this client. This mp3 was sent to me by so-and-so, so I associate it to him/her.

I dunno... ctrl-dragging anything onto anything else immediately associates the dragged to the dragged-to.

I want to set up the ability to attach tags automatically as well. Some things CAN be taken for granted. For example, an mp3 sent via iChat from Anders IS FROM ANDERS. Remember that you stupid goddamn computer! Why do I need to create taxonomies and directory structures to keep this meta-data, meta-data that is not systematically *attached* to that data.



You mean tags like RDF assertions?