December 17, 2004 20:06 | WebBlogging

Keep track of your comments with

Mike from Ile Sans Fil says:
mtl3p: Oh, and in case some of you haven't though of it yet

I'm putting all of comments that I make on delicious. You know, when you comment on someone's blog and then forget to check back. Using it for forums as well. It's a nice way not to loose track of all of that IP (I'm not saying that it belongs to you).

I wish I had a category here called "Genius". Goddamn brilliant, Mike.


Oh hell yeah, screw reverse trackbacks. Posting to delicious is an extra step, but the functionality is there today. +1 for the Genius category.

Yep. I've found it pretty handy.

Thanks dude. And thanks for coming to the party last night. Can you put that picture on flickr under IleSansFil?

swing by and check out the latest. I hope you like.

Pretty smart indeed. Photobloggers are also beginning to use it to point out cool images.