February 3, 2006 00:38 | WebTech

Some cool obscure web politics and geekery

While I was out to dinner, I was alerted via IM to two interesting things.

First, the BBC has become a member of the W3C. That is fantastic news. Especially with this past information in mind.

And, while already 3 years old (not that that matters), "Gregorian Calendar URI Space" seems somehow VERY cool and interesting to me, even though I am not entirely sure how or why yet, and despite not being particularly keen on having "interval" or "gregorian" (or the full name of any other time keeping system) written out like that in a URI. (Not that that really matters either... a URI is an address, an abstraction not necessarily meant to be human readable.) But certainly I find the idea of setting a time-based context slice via URI very intriguing, especially with a formalized standard.

"The content of this resource is specifically contained within this time space." A timestamp alone is either too precise -- at this very second now -- or far too general -- today, this hour, this minute, this month, this year. With a range you can much more clearly bind something to the temporal context. "During these 3 hours of this day."

Anyways. To keep in mind.