February 8, 2006 17:47 | Montreal

Stupid smoker

Listen, it's bad enough that you are smoking in here (even though legally for the moment you are still allowed), but the fact that you are one of these idiots who leaves his cigarette burning in the ashtray is beyond excuse.

A lit cigarette left to burn without being hauled on and/or ashed for more than 60 seconds begins to stink several orders of magnitude more than one that is being smoked. I know this from having been a smoker for 10 years, having lived with forgetful smokers for a number of those years... and from having a fucking brain connected to my nose.

It's one of the most painful odors, in my esteem. It viscerally contorts me, immediately burning the walls of my nostrils and making me nauseously ill. I am not a violent person but OMG do I want to come over there and put that thing out on your forehead. Perhaps that will wake you up out of your stupor.

I cannot believe this. The asshole lit another one and is just sitting there with his hands behind his head...


Unexpected kidney punches solve everything.

Can't wait until May 2006. Until then, ditto Steve.

erm, you may want to cross Tokyo off your list ;)

Though an ex-smoker, I'm not normally one for doing that "you shouldn't smoke" thing that we do. This kind of thing though, it is seriously inexcusable.

Hehehee kidney pummeling!

Julien: yeah I never say that or even think it, and I still smoke when I go out.. it's really just this burning cigarette thing that gets me. so. mad. ;)